A Brief History of the Knuckledraggers

 In late 2000, 4 friends who enjoyed the Hash House Harriers and motorcycles got together in Corpus Christi, Texas with an idea to start riding together on a regular basis.  Over the coming months, the idea caught on among other Texas friends who were also Hash House Harriers and by mid 2001 the now-larger group approached the Texas Confederation of Clubs in Corpus Christi for guidance on becoming a chartered Motorcycle Club.

 The local leadership of the Texas Confederation of Clubs (CoC) was very helpful in establishing the Knuckledraggers Hash House Harriers (Knuckledraggers H3) as a chartered Motorcycle Club.  Owing to the the Knuckledraggers hope to someday ride outside of Texas, the CoC recommended strongly that the Knuckledraggers charter through the American Motorcyclist Association.  The Knuckledraggers enthusiastically accepted this suggestion and by late 2001 the Knuckledraggers H3 MC was established as chartered Motorcycle Club.  During this period, the Knuckledraggers H3 MC received AMA Charter #2268 in order to fulfill their agreement with the CoC.  The local CoC acknowledged the design below as the official patch or "Colors" of the Knuckledraggers H3 MC.

 Among the other agreements reached with the CoC was to conduct ourselves in a manner reflecting positive credit on the motorcycling community; to not "claim territory" by affixing patches with city, state, or other geographic identifiers below the approved Colors; and to encourage all members to wear the AMA patch on the left chest of whichever vest or garment bore their Colors.  It was understood that membership in the Knuckledraggers was intended to be for individuals who were both Hash House Harriers and motorcycle enthusiasts, and that our focus was to be on riding motorcycles with fellow Hash House Harriers and encouraging social interaction between geographically diverse kennels of the Hash House Harriers.

 In the following months and years, interest in the Knuckledraggers grew within the Hash House Harriers community.  Organized rides throughout Texas soon led to rides in various locations throughout the United States.  As members from the original Corpus Christi group transferred to overseas postings, groups sprang up in Italy and Japan.  As word continued to spread and membership in North America grew, Knuckledraggers could be found in many places throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

In early 2012, the original Motorcycle Club was reorganized to become a simple Riding Club, dropping its identity as an MC.  Going forward, the Knuckledraggers will remain as an active social group comprised of Hash House Harriers who are also motorcycle enthusiasts.   We retain the basic design elements of the original Colors (purple and grey cartoon gorilla within a yellow oval border) as the identifying symbol of our group (see below). 


See you on Trail!

Updated January 10th, 2012