Revised January 10, 2012

(Revision #3)


The purpose of this document is to establish and detail procedures and guidelines for membership, organization, and execution of activities of the Knuckledraggers Hash House Harriers Riding Club (formerly the Knuckledraggers Hash House Harriers Motorcycle Club) herein also referred to as “Knuckledraggers HHH,” “Knuckledraggers H3,” “Knuckledraggers,” or “KDH3”.


The goals of the KDH3 are as follows:

1)       Provide an outing for Hash House Harriers who own or ride motorcycles.

2)       Promote safe motorcycle use and operation.

3)       Generate interest in and recruit new members for the Hash House Harriers.


The Knuckledraggers Hash House Harriers (KDH3) is a social Riding Club comprised of individuals who are both Hash House Harriers and motorcycle enthusiasts.  The focus of the KDH3 is on riding motorcycles with fellow Hash House Harriers and encouraging social interaction between geographically diverse kennels of the Hash House Harriers. The structure of the KDH3 is based on the Authoritarian form of government, with all decisions regarding the operation and welfare of the KDH3 being made by the GRAND MASTER or his designated representative(s).  

The KDH3  makes no claims to territory or geographic property.

The GRAND MASTER retains the rights to all logos, items, and images produced with marks representing the identity of the Knuckledraggers Hash House Harriers.


The KDH3 was officially established in 2001 and was acknowledged as a Motorcycle Club by the Texas Confederation of Clubs in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.  The Knuckledraggers Hash House Harriers Motorcycle Club registered with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) as AMA Club #2268.

On January 10th, 2012, the KDH3 reorganized itself as a Riding Club, and all local groups were instructed to cease to operate as units of a Motorcycle Club.   While the KDH3 no longer conducts itself as a Motorcycle Club, the FOUNDER retains the rights to all the logos, items, and images produced with marks representing its previous identity as a Motorcycle Club, including the Colors used previously to identify itself as a Motorcycle Club.  The original unmodified Colors are no longer authorized for wear.

The unique demands of motorcycle operation and the organization itself create a generous need for full motor skills and keen mental ability. As a result, the following by-laws, procedures, and guidelines are instituted.


FOUNDER - Refers to Rick “GAYLORD FOCKER” DePena, the founder of the first and original kennel of the KDH3, located in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Corpus Christi KDH3 is referred to as the “Mother Hash” for all other KDH3 groups.  For all issues related to the operation of the KDH3, GAYLORD FOCKER shall have the ultimate authority until he designates a successor.

GRAND MASTER - (herein referred to as the “GM”) – The international leader of the KDH3, he or she shall have the ultimate authority regarding the affairs of the KDH3. This position is held by FOUNDER until such time as he designates a successor.  In the event of a conflict between the FOUNDER and the GM, the GM shall defer to the FOUNDER.

ASSISTANT GM - (herein referred to as an “AGM”) – An individual named by the GM to assist with the organization and execution of KDH3 affairs.  The scope of each AGM’s duties will be outlined by the GM.  An AGM serves at the pleasure of the GM, and until such time as the GM rescinds the appointment.  In the event of a conflict between the AGMs, they shall defer to the GM.

RESIDENT ASSHOLE - (herein referred to as “the RA”) – The de facto leader of the local group referred to as a “kennel”.  The RA ensures timely notification of upcoming ride information; assists the HARES in planning rides; and oversees the social activities of the local kennel, including the post-ride festivities known as CIRCLE or RELIGION.  The RA shall defer to the GRAND MASTER and AGM(s) in all matters related to the KDH3.  


HARE(S) - The person or persons responsible for planning a single Ride or laying a single Trail.

HOUNDS - The persons assembled for the purpose of following the HARE(S). They are collectively referred to as the PACK.

ROAD CAPTAIN(S) - A person or persons who are responsible for the safety of the PACK.  A ROAD CAPTAIN may be designated at the start of each ride.  The ROAD CAPTAIN must be a licensed and experienced motorcycle rider who will operate a motorcycle for the duration of the ride.  


Any person is welcome to participate in a KDH3 ride. Every effort should be made to explain the unique nature of the Hash House Harriers and the KDH3  to those unfamiliar with the Hash House Harriers prior to their arrival.  Participants may operate a motorcycle, ride as a passenger on a motorcycle (herein referred to as a “Bitch”), or follow the pack in a car or truck.  THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO OWN OR OPERATE A MOTORCYCLE TO PARTICIPATE IN A KDH3  EVENT.


Membership is open to any Hash House Harrier (Hasher) who participates in at least five 5 rides or Paid Runs and contributed at least $25.00 to Hash Cash.  As the KDH3 is primarily a motorcycle riding club, membership for Hashers who do not ride upon or operate motorcycles is at the discretion of the GM.

A Paid Run is any ride where Hash Cash (dues) of $5.00 is collected from the assembled PACK and turned over to the GRAND MASTER or his designated representative.  When a Hasher has completed five Paid Runs, he/she will be presented with a large Back Patch for wear on their motorcycle vest or motorcycle jacket. If a Hasher participates in five rides where Hash Cash is not collected; or a combination of Paid Runs and unpaid rides totaling five, the GRAND MASTER may allow the Hasher to pay the difference to complete Membership and receive a large Back Patch.

New members and those interested in joining the KDH3 should be identified to the GRAND MASTER as soon as possible for the purposes of keeping a roster.

Membership is NOT open to participants who are not also Hash House Harriers.

The KDH3  does not prospect for members as a Motorcycle Club would, nor shall riders seeking admission to the KDH3 be referred to as “Prospects.”

Members are encouraged to join the American Motorcyclist Association, and provide the Grand Master with their AMA member number.

Members shall not conduct themselves in a manner which would lead others to believe they are part of either a Motorcycle Club or an outlaw organization.


 Fig. 1 - KDH3 logo
Fig. 2 -  Old KDH3 MC Colors modified to
reflect KDH3 Status as a Riding Club.

The signature logo of the Knuckledraggers is the Purple Gorilla on a white field inside a yellow oval.  The name “KNUCKLEDRAGGERS” appears in the top of the oval, and the letters “HHH” appear in the bottom of the oval (fig. 1). An approximately 11” tall patch of this logo shall comprise the KDH3 Back Patch. Veteran members who previously earned KDH3 MC COLORS may either purchase a new Back Patch or cut the “MC” arc from the bottom of their original COLORS in order to comply with the KDH3’s identity as a Riding Club (fig. 2).

Fig. 3 – Discontinued KDH3 MC COLORS

In order to avoid confusion and possible misuse or misrepresentation by others, the FOUNDER retains the rights to the identifying logo used as COLORS under the KDH3’s previous incarnation as a Motorcycle Club (fig. 3).  These COLORS consisted of the Purple Gorilla on a white field inside a yellow oval.  The name “KNUCKLEDRAGGERS” appears in an arc above the oval, the letters “MC” in an arc beneath the oval, and the letters “HHH” spread equally around the inside of the bottom half of the yellow oval. An approximately 12” back patch of this logo was worn as the Motorcycle Club’s COLORS.

Unmodified KDH3 MC COLORS are no longer authorized for wear by any member, present or former.  Likewise, the COLORS are no longer permitted to be used in any manner which would lead others to assume the KDH3 is an active Motorcycle Club.  

Registration for all three logos described in this section is on file with the United States Copyright Office.


The KDH3 Members who have completed 5 rides and contributed a total of $25.00 to Hash Cash (See MEMBERSHIP) are entitled to wear a large KDH3 Back Patch. The Back Patches are available upon request from the GRAND MASTER or his designated representative.  Back Patches may be attached and worn on the back of a denim or leather vest or a motorcycle jacket.  They are not for wear on Happi Coats or other garments.

Members shall not display any patch above, below, or alongside the Back Patch whose sole purpose is identifying a geographic location or claiming territory.  Similarly, patches with titles typically associated with Motorcycle Clubs such as “President”, “Treasurer”, “Sergeant-At-Arms”, etc. shall not be worn on clothing bearing the Back Patch.

Members are encouraged to place an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) patch on the left front chest of the garment bearing the Back Patch to indicate to strangers that the KDH3 is not a 1% Motorcycle Club.

Small souvenir patches may be sold and worn on any clothing or sold to non-members at the discretion of the GRAND MASTER.

Production and sale of Haberdasher items such as t-shirts, lanyards, bandanas, outerwear, etc., bearing the KDH3 name, logo, or other identifying marks shall be approved by the GRAND MASTER.


The local kennels should endeavor to meet regularly for a scheduled Ride.  In addition, impromptu rides may be organized whenever two or more Members desire to undertake a motorcycle ride, or to accommodate a visiting Hasher.  Rides that may be considered a commute (i.e. up the street a few blocks) or do not involve active Hash House Harriers members are not considered a KDH3  Ride.

During a scheduled or impromptu local Ride, the HARE(S) should try to incorporate several stops, with a location selected for CIRCLE and the On-In; just as in a typical Hash.  

"Laying Trail" may be accomplished in many ways, including leaving written clues and by leaving large flour arrows on the side of the road where it is safe and appropriate to do so.  While clues may be cleverly written, they should be clear enough to avoid serious confusion as to the next destination or route.  Likewise, flour arrows should be placed in such a way as to clearly mark Trail, and in such a way as to avoid having traffic destroy them before the PACK arrives.  Intersection or Check Marks should not be used on a KDH3 Trail, as this has the undesirable effect of splitting up the PACK and scattering the motorcycles.  THE PACK SHOULD STAY TOGETHER AT ALL TIMES, AND THE HARE(S) SHALL NOT ATTEMPT TO SPLIT THEM UP.  The HARE(S) are considered “caught” if members of the PACK can clearly read a Hare’s license plate.

In addition to scheduled local rides and impromptu rides, the KDH3  may plan road trips lasting two or more days.  Due to the distances involved, the HARE(S) should ride with the PACK, and may serve as ROAD CAPTAINS for the ride.  At the destination, the HARE(S) should plan to set a more traditional Hash House Harriers Trail for the PACK to run (or walk).  The length of this Trail is at the discretion of the Hares, but it is suggested that the Trail be geared toward the least athletic participant present.  Alternatively, Rides ending at Hash House Harriers events do not necessitate a separate Trail being laid by the KDH3 .  An effort to conduct a KDH3  Circle (see TRADITIONS & PRINCIPLES) should be made near the end of such an event, and all Hash House Harriers are welcome to be attend the CIRCLE.


As a geographically diverse organization, the KDH3 encourages individual local KENNEL(S) to develop customs and traditions which are unique to their area and PACK, while remaining true to the traditions and founding principles listed below:

HOSPITALITY – The RA and PACK shall endeavor to welcome all appropriate visitors to their Trails and CIRCLE.  In the case of non-Hashers, a brief explanation of the Hash House Harriers may be necessary in order facilitate their participation or discover their suitability for continued participation.

COURTESY – Members should always ride in such a manner as to reflect positive credit upon the motorcycle community. Excessive public vulgarity and lewdness should not be encouraged, nor should behavior which would lead the public to believe the KDH3 is an outlaw organization.  Violence by any KDH3 member or their guests shall not be tolerated.  KDH3 riders should greet other riders passing on the road and offer assistance to fellow motorcyclists whenever it is safe to do so.

CIRCLE – The GRAND MASTER and/or RA shall endeavor to conduct a CIRCLE whenever a KDH3 Trail is concluded or when a group of KDH3 members is assembled.  The CIRCLE shall be conducted in a relaxed manner, with sitting and lounging encouraged.  While not a truly structured event, the RA shall nonetheless endeavor to include introductions of all present, entertain accusations from the PACK, allow tales and stories from TRAIL, and administer Down-Downs for both honorable recognition and as penalty related to accusations.  The traditional closing of a KDH3 Circle typically includes only the first 3 - 5 words of the song “Swing Low” after which point all present are free to carry on in their own manner.

MOTORCYCLE DOWN-DOWN – Given that the KDH3 is actively engaged in riding motorcycles, it is important that responsible decisions are made regarding the use of intoxicants.  When assigning a Down-Down, the RA shall allow the recipient to utilize any beverage of their choice, including water.  If alcohol is utilized, it shall be considered appropriate for the recipient to imbibe only a sip.  The RA should use caution in administering multiple Down-Downs to any single person to avoid encouraging intoxication.

BIKE NAMING – In the event of an unfortunate, amusing, or interesting occurrence involving a rider on a KDH3 TRAIL, the RA may entertain suggestions from the PACK regarding a name to be bestowed on the affected rider’s bike.  Mechanical failures, fuel shortages, and other mishaps are just a few justifications for a bike naming.  While not unheard of, the KDH3 generally does not bestow a Hash Name on individuals…that is usually left to the more traditional Hash House Harrier kennels.